Exhibition Dates: September 10, 2016
Opening Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 11AM – 7PM
82A Stone Nullah Lane
Wan Chai, Hong Kong



In early 2016, Ernest Chang was given the permission to use his photographic lens to document the interior of the almost 100 years old Blue House in Wan Chai, a Hong Kong symbol of heritage preservation, before it was revamped and revitalized.

The themes of Ernest Chang’s photography artworks are mainly focused on Authenticity, Culture and Progress. The purpose of the exhibition is to encourage cohesion between Hong Kong’s community values, its culture, history and legacy through photographs of the Blue House before it was refurbished and reconstructed. It aims to raise awareness and money for the preservation of Blue House’s Heritage and welfare of the community through sale of the artwork photography from Ernest Chang; and a community sponsored celebratory event for the revitalization of the building.

Authenticity is the quality of being genuine and original. Through the complexity of Ernest’s photographic techniques, he captures a very rustic side of the Blue House, emphasizing on the details of tiles and textures. He provides his viewers with a fresher focus on his work, allowing them to ignore all the noise and appreciate the beauty of details in a different perspective rather than the physicality of destruction, capitalism and consumerism. Thereby, he hopes to promote a sharing culture where the results of craftsmanship are being celebrated, as opposed to celebrating a money culture where one is absorbed in materialistic things.

Culture is a prominent theme among his artworks. The concept of his photographs mirrors the whole idea of Blue House refurbishment and reconstruction, he aims to transform the viewer’s perspective into a new way of looking at the old. He believes that as society advances towards a more modern and technological era, many worthwhile traditions of the past are abolished over time and identity is hence lost in time.

This brings us to the theme of Progress. The idea behind progression is relevant to the idea of westernization of Hong Kong following the handing over and receiving back of the country during the period of colonization. Ernest believes that important traditions are forgotten throughout the process, therefore he wants to use his photographs to remind society of these traditions of the Blue House as a way of preserving its history before its infrastructure was renewed for the greater good of the community, promoting a sense of harmony and wholesomeness amongst the new and the old.

“Traditions provide the good for everybody; without traditions, we lose a sense of self and foundation.”– Artist and Photographer, Ernest Chang