Director Ernest Chang is an artist and portrait photographer with a unique perspective that is deeply intertwined with his artistic and personal identity. His red-green colorblindness infuses his portraits with heightened color contrasts and contours that make his sitters appear at once genuine and larger than life.

Chang started out as a photographer and graphic designer before founding the Stallery. He believes art must be experienced, so he left art school to educate himself about the world visually and viscerally with his eyes, body and mind. This sensory learning process sparked his interest in investigating the impact of technology on contemporary society as technology becomes ever more personal and interpersonal. His belief in science and technology is manifest in his practice through his use of cutting-edge visual media and futuristic compositional elements.
Chang’s earliest attempts at portraiture showed him how happy his photographs could make others if he captured their most genuine and authentic side. He believes that everyone’s physical features are unique, awaiting a discerning eye to weave them into a personal narrative.

The Stallery is a art/portraiture studio and gallery in one. In our hybrid space, you can experience art first-hand – not just as a viewer but also as a subject of artistic photography.

Our founder, director, and artist-in-residence Ernest Chang is a photographer who sees our colorful metropolis from a unique visual perspective through his color-blindness. Stylistically, Chang manipulates images of the city by playing with heightened symmetry and color contrasts, bringing out a sense of inherent order underneath Hong Kong’s urban chaos in images that often seem to have a sheen of the fantastic.

As a studio, The Stallery specializes in photographic portraits in Ernest’s signature style or classic studio styles. No matter what style you choose, you are the center of the finished artwork. We also promote photography by offering workshops to young people and adults with high-grade equipment.

As a gallery, we offer a functional, edgy exhibition space for artist collaborations.

藝術總監張氏是一位具有獨特視角的藝術家及人像攝影師,這種視角與他的藝術及個人身份密切相關。 他的紅綠色盲使他的肖像畫色彩對比和輪廓更加突出,使其模特兒看起來既真實又超乎尋常。

張氏在創立藝廊之前,曾是一名攝影師和平面設計師。 他認為藝術必須親身體驗,因此他離開了藝術學校,用眼睛、身體和心靈去直觀和深刻地了解世界。 這種感官學習過程激發了他探究技術對當代社會影響的興趣,尤其是隨著技術變得越來越個人化和人際化。 他對科學和技術的信念在他的實踐中得以體現,透過使用尖端視覺媒體和未來派的構圖元素。
張氏最初嘗試肖像攝影時發現,如果他能捕捉到人們最真實和正宗的一面,他的照片可以使人們感到多麼的快樂。 他相信每個人的外貌特徵都是獨一無二的,等待著一個有洞察力的眼睛將它們編織成個人的故事。

藝廊是一家集藝術/肖像攝影工作室與畫廊於一身的地方。 在我們的混合空間中,您可以親自體驗藝術——不僅作為觀眾,還可以成為藝術攝影的主題。

我們的創辦人、總監及駐場藝術家張氏是一位攝影師,他通過自己的色盲視角,以獨特的視覺角度看待我們這個多彩的大都市。 在風格上,張氏通過玩弄增強的對稱性和色彩對比來操作城市的圖像,使香港的城市混亂之下顯露出一種內在的秩序感,在他的圖像中常常帶有一種奇幻的光澤。

作為一個工作室,藝廊專門提供張氏的簽名風格或經典工作室風格的攝影肖像。 無論您選擇哪種風格,您都是成品藝術作品的中心。 我們還通過為年輕人和成人提供高級設備的攝影工作坊來推廣攝影。