Exhibition Dates: December 12th, 2020 – January 17th, 2021
Opening Hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 11AM – 7PM

82A Stone Nullah Lane
Wan Chai, Hong Kong


The Stallery and L’Epicerie Fine HK is delighted to present a brand new curated group exhibition titled “The End of 2020” to celebrate the end of this tough year; and hopefully to bring us a sense of inspiration during these times of desperation. After a long or short year – depending on how you view it – this new exhibition seeks to present four established and emerging artists from Hong Kong’s up-and-coming street art and pop art scene.

The exhibition will highlight the participating artists’ diverse personal backgrounds, stories, and influences from the year of 2020. As most of their works have been created throughout this year, the emotions and messages within these new works are obviously heavily influenced by the dramatic news and global events that kept changing the course of life daily. The exhibition will present for the first time Stern Rockwell’s fine artworks – thanks to L’Epicerie Fine HK having worked with Stern on the project for the largest mural in Sheung Wan district. The exhibition will also present two familiar names coming from street art with whom we have worked with during this year – Baö Ho (“Mukashi Mukashi”) and Boms (“Post No Bill” which just finished last week). And finally, Ernest Chang (“Famous By Proxy”) – an emerging Chinese contemporary pop artist- will be part of the show and will give us a small preview of his works for his upcoming solo show “Bling Dynasty” in February 2021.

After narrowing down our selection process, we decided to target only these four artists as they distinguish themselves with their unwavering hard work this year despite the hardship that has stumped many from having new ideas. In preparation for the show, we went to their different studios around Hong Kong and worked closely with them; as they created original artworks that showcase their feelings and their approaches to the subjects that are linked to this special year. More than twenty-five artworks across the mediums of acrylic and oil paintings on canvas, drafts, sketches, drawings, digital prints, as well as screen prints will all be presented at the exhibition.


The Abduction of Leela

Ernest Chang


Bao 1



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Bao 2

Bao Ho


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Pangku Separates the Earth from the Sky

Bao Ho


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Yinyang 陰陽



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The Organs



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Date of Birth 生日快樂



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Bao Ho


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Ernest Chang